The Proofreader Group

Proofreaders for My Little Pony based fanfiction (Sometimes others too!)

Numerous authors dedicate their creations to the wonderful universe of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. While many of them are not professional writers and may face certain difficulties with harnessing the language and the plot, there are other MLP admirers who are eager to help them with grammar, characterization, and storytelling. Being among other community groups dedicated to such help, The Proofreader Group aims at an organized approach to proofreading. We help you find proofreaders who enjoy the genres you write in and assist you in making contact in the effort to make your creation the best it can be.

Currently, our activity is centered around, the largest library of MLP-based fanfiction. Visit our page there to learn more about the opportunities of The Proofreader Group!

If you feel familiar enough with that, you can go straight to our ultimate tool, TPGDB. Get a proofreader today!